Denny Abbey Community Evening 9th July 2014

An evening of Celebration 9th July 2014
A song collected by Cecil Sharp on his visit to Ely in 1911. A fragment of it was sung by John Dorling, a farm labourer from Ely. Mary Humphreys reconstructed the song and taught it to pupils at Millfield School , Littleport during the project.
Two tunes written down by John Clare of Helpston in the early 1800s. He was better known as a poet, but played the fiddle and collected large numbers of tunes and songs. Videos courtesy of Nigel Pennick.
Gordon running the show

An evening’s entertainment was held at the Farmland & Denny Abbey Museum near Waterbeach, Cambridge on 9th July 2014 to celebrate the end of the project and share with those involved and the wider community some of the Cambridgeshire customs and traditions brought to life in 2014 through the Enid Porter Project.

Phil Rothwell of the Heritage Lottery Fund opened the evening followed by two performances from Swaffham Prior and William Westley schools providing the school children an opportunity to showcase many of the customs and traditions they had learnt about during the project.

The evening continued with songs from Pagan Molly and dances by Ouse Washes Molly.

John Dorling sang ’John Riley’ followed by renditions of The Burdett and Sadlor’s Balloon, tunes originally written down by John Clare from Helpston.

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