Molly Dancing - Birds A Building Dance Notation

Year 6 from The Robert Arkenstall Primary School in Haddenham Performed Birds A Building And The Mississippi Mud Dance, December 2013

Like Cross Hand Polka, Birds A Building is one of the Traditional Dances, handed down through the generations. This is Gordon’s version of the dance, adapted from the teaching of Cyril Papworth.

Figure 1: 

Little Squares

In fours each person travels round the square, starting in the direction they are facing.  Each change of place takes up 4 step hops.  Dancers move forward ( 1 step hop), pause along side ( 1 step hop), forward to new position ( 1step hop), turn to face next person ( 1 stephop).  This is repeated a further three times until all are back where they started, facing partner.

Figure 2: 

Top Couples Down

Each group of four is made up of a top couple and bottom, or second couple.  Both top couples in set dance towards partner (1 stephop), turn down (1 step hop), dance down for about two or three step hops then dance on spot until turning outwards to face back on stephop 8.  Dance back and continue facing up until stephop 7 of second half when dancers fall back into place.

Figure 3: 

Top Couple Down

Only the very top couple dance to the bottom of the set.  They dance past their partner, in between the next two, and cross the set, passing right shoulders. They weave down the set in this way, passing right shoulders each time they cross the set.  On reaching the end they end up on the side of the set where they started.  The remainder of set stand still and move up in the last two bars of music by stepping sideways, then together, sideways then together.

The dance is repeated three more times through until everyone is back where they started, last time finishing with OY!.

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