Traditional songs from Swaffham Prior

May-dolling and Plough Monday songs

Enid Porter's notebook: songs from Swaffham Prior
Original notebook held by the Museum of Cambridge


Practice of girls going round with dressed dolls for pennies still carried on: tho’ no collection is allowed. A few still sing:-

Sing a song of May-time
Sing a song of Spring
Flowers are in their beauty
Birds are on the wing
May time, play time,
God has given us May time
Thank Him for His gifts of love
Sing a song of Spring

Plough Monday

Men dressed as horses with ploughs etc. continued to go around village until 1920’s. Children continued it till 1939. Latter had a school holiday.

Song: A sifting (sieve full) of chaff
And a bottle of hay
See the poor colts
Go wagging away
Squeak boy squeak
And wag your tail
Hi! ninny nonny

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