Performance at Robert Arkenstall School, Haddenham

Thursday 5th December 2013

Around thirty children performed a lively collection of song, dance, poetry and storytelling for their parents and other school children in a special assembly on 5th December 2013. For several weeks the youngsters had been working hard towards the performance at special workshops run by professional folk artists.

The performance focused on the customs and traditions of the village and surrounding areas which took place some 100 years ago and the children really got into the spirit with their bright costumes and blackened faces which was typical of molly dancers in the bygone age. A ¬†highlight of the performance was a story enacted by the children about ‘Cape of Rushes’, a local version of the well-known story of Cinderella.

Children from Robert Arkenstall School enacting the story 'Cape of Rushes'

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  1. They were amazing! Well done on all your hard work.
    By Rob Fisher (20/12/2013)
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