In Haddenham, Nicola Power, our Enid Porter’s Folk project evaluator, spoke to a teacher at Robert Arkenstall school where children learnt all about local folk customs and traditions.

Robert Arkenstall School Years 1 and 2 – Feedback from their teacher

‘The children see this as a very special element to their week when Mrs Humphreys comes and they often ask when can we sing her songs. It is important that they see an expert is coming in to teach them, they know that they are learning something very special.’

‘ We see this as very important from a historical point of view learning about events in the local area. When it is local it is more relevant to them, more enjoyable and they are more able to be drawn in to the concept of the past.’

‘This has been useful to see language changing over time, it helps with listening, singing rhymes, taking turns and seeing words into action.’

‘These sessions fit into our history of farming next term looking at changes in the way of life. Doing the shoeboxes was very special, there was lots of sharing and understanding about why people have customs.’

‘The classes have been really positive and so excited to do the project – as I have too! We have seen children playing the games on the playground and teaching other children about what they are doing without any guidance from teachers.’