Further Fen Farm, a Visit to Mucky Porter Country

When Charles I and Mucky Porter began their journey from Snowre Hall to Huntingdon they would have crossed the land that is now part of Further Fen Farm. In the 1800′s this land was composed of many small lots of land of around 1 acre which were farmed by individual farmers. Nowadays the land is managed by the Legge family, descendants of storyteller, Chafer Legge.

On May 19th 2014 children from Millfield Primary School and Swaffham Prior Primary School visited Further Fen Farm where they were hosted by the Legge family. The children had a tour of the farm on a trailer, explored some of the many nature conservation areas, saw nesting swans and heard a cuckoo. They retold the story of Mucky Porter next to one of the conservation areas which are being returned to marshland, looked over by a very protective swan who was guarding his nest in the adjacent wetland.

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