“Nearly a century ago when stories of the past were not forgotten in Whittlesford, a band of choice spirits determined, as the result of a wager, to sit in the church porch at midnight on St. Mark’s Eve, to see if the legend was true, which said that on St Mark’s Eve there might be seen entering the church the ghosts of all who were to die in the village during the coming year, and also the forms of all couples who were to marry, entering and leaving the church.

This resolution being heard of, their companions determined to play the part of the ghosts. At midnight they tolled the bells, slammed the pew doors and with groans and dismal uproar approached the church door. The watchers nearly died with fright, and when at last the door opened, old Connell Hales, their leader, observed very dryly, “I think we’d b.b.b.etter goo,” and they fled in tears.

One of them fell into an open grave & considered himself booked for certain burial. The others tumbled over gravestones and suffered many personal misfortunes, to the great joy of the ghosts, said to have been Jim Knights, Charles Nunn, Thomas Richards & others.”

Written by G.N. Maynard in 1905