Nicola Power, our Enid Porter’s Folk project evaluator, spoke with the people of Whittlesford about their experience of the project.

William Westley School Years 1, 5 and 6

Mr Bryant, Headteacher

‘The classes love this – it is about the history of their village – the exciting thing is that these local traditions are intriguing them, through storytelling and relating it to actual places brings history alive for them’

‘They really are enjoying it – we have incorporated this into our annual Arts Festival and made it all about the history of our village. The children have designed their costumes, they have been learning other traditional skills, such as corn dollies, in class. We have set up Playleaders in the school where older children have a buddy system with children in foundation stage and they are using the playground games and dancing as a way to play together.’

Meg Holland, local historian writes in News from Whittlesford.

‘The Enid Porter project has been a highly successful and exciting venture with children from Year1, Year 5 and Year 6 being involved. The children have been involved in learning about local customs and especially children’s games, music, dance and storytelling. The school has tailored this year’s Arts Festival as a Time Line Through History of the village. The Time-line Trail taking a step back in time through Whittlesford’s history leads through all the various classrooms, where a different period is highlighted by each year’s class, illustrated by their arts, crafts and project work. Meanwhile in the Main Hall, the main event will be lively and colourful presentations about the ‘Enid Porter Project’. To the accompaniment of the music and displays which have been an important part of the project, the children will be performing dances and songs learnt and acting out one of their favourite fenland stories’.