Enid collected information from Mr J Maynard in 1966. He told Enid the story of the Conical or Chronicle Hills.

It is said that the Romans created a beautiful Villa in the land between Whittlesford and Thriplow and when the Romans vacated they left the building to the local inhabitants. It is said that men from the North invaded and razed the structure to the ground killing all the inhabitants, leaving them to rot for 40 years before they raised burial mounds over the remains, thereby forming the Chronicle Hills.

In the 1820’s the local landowner, Ebenezer Hollick, the Squire of Whittlesford levelled the Chronicle Hills. Under the mound they found the remains of the Villa and the human remains of the original inhabitants. Amongst the bones was a human skull. A labourer, named Matthews, who lived opposite the Maynard family, took the skull home and placed it on his bedroom mantelshelf.

In the middle of the night there was a pounding on Matthew’s door. Matthews peered out of his bedroom window and to his horror saw a headless skeleton who hoarsely demanded the return of his stolen head. In terror Matthews threw the skull out of the bedroom window to its rightful owner.

English Heritage records the site of these Roman Barrows as “The Chronicle Hills”